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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Teachers have fun too!

If I were a Zebra
I’d wear red high heels
Can you imagine,
How fancy I’d feel?
I’d prance and I’d preen
No problem with balance
Of the herd, I’d be queen
With nary a challenge
Should a lion appear
With his claws and his growl
He’d cower with fear
And throw in the towel
If I were a Zebra
In my fancy stilettos
I’d dance in Alhambra
‘neath green scrub palmettos
by PJDHuerta


Ballerina Girl said...

Love it! and would love to see/draw a picture to go with it :)

PJ said...

I'd love to draw -- but alas, my creativity stops with the pen -- no pencil!! No spatial concepts come out of my brain legibly!! I'd love to see your drawing!!! This was a sample poem for a lesson I was writing today! I got carried away by the fun of it!

ann said...

That is fabulous, PJ!

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