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Friday, April 17, 2009

or in correct British grammar: Things for which I am Thankful

It had been my intention to juxtaposition this blog, in time and space, right after the "entitlement" one. My purpose was to show that, although I do whine and complain, I really do understand that my path is the one God gave me, and I'm not only content, but grateful. So much for that intention. My life is so busy that I haven't been blogging. So... on to the "Thankful" list although I do recognize that it is just a trifle late!!!

Beautiful 70 degree weather
A car that doesn't need the snow scrapers that I still can't find
Internet service that works correctly
My primary set of keys which I found in a book bag at school (go figure)
with my house key still on it!
The new keys to the house which we made from my daughter-in-law's copy of our key

Family and Friends
Good health -- good enough to wear stilettos again!
Granddaughters who use me as a guinea pig for practicing make up application!
Plenty of food to eat
A comfy bed to sleep in (in which to sleep?)
A job
A husband who lets the GD's put make on him too!
Stilettos and other clothing to wear
Healthy children and grandchildren
A roof over my head
A wonderful church family
Did I mention shoes?
A sound mind, most of the time
And finally, shoes!


ann said...

That's a wonderful list, PJ. Cute shoes! Your husband is such a good sport. I have tried to get my husband to let me put mascara on his super long eyelashes but he refuses. Maybe someday when Emily's a little older and she wants to do makeovers, he'll let her do it :)

His Girl said...

whoo hoo for shoes!

your thankful list is pretty spectacular! :)

PJ said...

Ann, when Emily bats her little eye at him and says, please, he'll do it!! LOL

Yes, Whoo hoo for shoes!!!

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