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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Things about which I sometimes Moan and Complain
(This correct grammar thing is getting out of hand!!!)

This next class...fifth in a series of six....three credit hours each....I'm taking between mid-September and June 1. That's eighteen credit hours, folks. Getting close to a full-time load...I guess most places Twenty-four would be full-time. That's besides my full-time job, teaching. And my part-time job, associate pastor. And my husband and family including grandchildren. And once in awhile I like to sleep...or write blogs or FB.

Sheesh...shall I start again??? This class which began Monday is taking the cake. I would describe the prof, but words fail me. However, on the second class, the group responded with humor and laughter. Kind of took the sting out of everything. So now when she says terribly ignorant things that could be taken offensively, we make jokes and laugh. It isn't out of malice; it really is ignorance. Why is it that some people are absolutely and completely unaware of self? Just can't do introspection. Some seem to have no self-knowledge at all.

Oh well. At least this one is over quickly. The four-hour sessions three times a week for three weeks. And it's over.

And I know why I haven't been blogging as much lately. (With wisdom and self-examination, I figured this out!!) The last class was the multi-cultural one. The prof for that one had us writting introspective papers. And after all the energy expended doing those papers, I had no introspective energy or inspiration left for blogging.

Maybe I'll post those papers. Maybe. Later.



ann said...

I remember taking some classes that were real doozies, thinking, "Wow, and I got credit for that?" But most of my classes were valuable, I got a lot out of them. I kind of lost my fire for teaching, not sure if it's because I had kids, or teaching changed, or I changed, or just got burnt out. I don't know where I'll go with it, I let my Iowa license expire and now I live in Pennsylvania...I still have a few years before Emily is in school.

Michelle said...

Wow, what are you going to school for? I will be taking two back to back statistics classes this summer that are 2 weeks each. I'm just going to hold on and pray it will be over quickly! ha.

PJ said...

I'm taking 18 hours for ELL Certificate. I'll be certified as a Bilingual/ELL teacher.

I don't envy you taking the stats classes. My nemesis!!! I like math, but not stats!

Ann, kids have changed and teaching has changed - enormously. However burn out is a real phenomena. But for me, going back after my year on disability was challenging, but exciting. I still love. I find that changing things -- anything about what I teach or the way I teach helps me. You'll know what to do when the time comes.

Ballerina Girl said...

So true...some people just have no sense about what they are saying or who it might be offending! (I hope I am understanding you :)

Great job though...18 hours!


PJ said...

BG: You've got it. She just has no sense!! LOL I like that phrase. Although you didn't use it quite that way. She just has no sense!!! Hee Hee

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