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Monday, March 02, 2009

There's Lettuce, lettuce, lettuce in my handbag
(to the tune of "Tomorrow")*
Ten Things to do tonight
10. Place new cords for laptop in laptop case
9. Find transparencies for tomorrow night's class
8. Prepare presentation for tomorrow night's class
7. Answer reflection questions for class tomorrow night
6. Double check calendar for this week so no birthday parties, purse parties, etc. sneak up on me
5. Find driver's license that is in my ticket folder from attending funeral
4. Find passport that has disappeared since that same trip
3. Finish grading papers from today's class
2. Reduce size of cargo in purse
1. Remove lettuce from said purse
(or maybe I could just go to an Art Linkletter program and receive an enormous prize for having the most unusual thing in my purse)
Who? Art Linkletter. "House Party" He was predecessor to Bill Cosby's "Kids Say the Darn'dest things" But on "House Party" he asked for ridiculous things from women's purses and if someone had that item (Oh say, a lb of cooked spaghetti . . . or remnants of a salad), she'd win money!
*We were watching "Annie" when the salad erred and jumped in my purse!


Ballerina Girl said...

these last two posts PJ are so funny!
haven't seen you around my blog in awhile!....
hope all is well

truth said...

LOL, why is there lettuce in your purse? And yes, I remember Art Linkletter.

PJ said...

The lettuce in my purse??? The salad erred and jumped right in. Of course, setting the uneaten portion of my salad -- compliments of subway -- on the ottoman while my granddaughters climbed back on the couch to finish our snuggle while watching Annie session after they finished their subs might have had something to do with it. My purse just happened to be open and sitting on the floor by the offending ottoman that wouldn't hold four sets of scrambling feet AND the salad. So the salad went upside down into my purse. Finishing Annie was much more important than a little thing like cleaning the lettuce from my purse.

PJ said...

four sets of feet??? No. No. Two SETS of feet. Four feet with legs!! LOL

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