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Monday, September 04, 2006

"Pray more for them"
Prayer Warriors Needed

I was just responding the an email from a friend who said we "want you to know that we are prepared to go to war for you." As I was responding to Sarah, I experienced one of those "aha" moments. I began thinking about the aspects of this disease that frighten me: living under the dread that it could return or migrate to another part of my body; undergoing chemotherapy; losing the right breast as well as the left; losing my hair.

But then God began to whisper to me, repeating my own words "I am blessed." I have comfort; I have a marvelous support system (all of you who "comment", email, write, or call; my family; my church). And I have the support of a terrific husband who seems to know just when to be serious and when to join me in a laugh, or provide the humor to lighten a moment.

I am blessed; I have experienced the intimate presence of God in other dark places, and therefore, I know He ALWAYS is there on the darkest of days. I understand Jehova Shama; His presence will never leave me. I've learned to know Jehova Rapha who IS the provision. I am blessed.

We've tried to prepare my little Granddaughters for the things that may happen to me -- the "owwie" so they have to be careful on my left side; the possibility of hair loss after I begin Chemo. Yesterday, the little one (4 years old) saw me take a pain pill and asked with all the innocence of her babyhood, "Grandma, is that the medicine that will make your hair fall out?"

With my heart in my throat, I answered, "No, baby. I won't take that medicine for a couple of weeks more."

It struck me today, this disease has to come straight from the pits of hell for it strikes at the heart of feminity, and then the cure delivers the final blow. Yes, Sarah, I could use some prayer warriors...and so can every other woman who is so afflicted

In the last three weeks since my diagnosis has been confirmed and announced to co-workers, friends and family, I have had countless people say "my friend's mom has the same diagnosis" or "my friend's sister just had a mastectomy" or "my co-worker is in the hospital now" or "my wife has breast cancer too".

Pray for those who have to suffer and do not have the comfort of knowng just who Jesus is, those who do not have the knowledge of Jehova Shama, those who do not have a solid support system. Pray more for them!

Yes, Sarah, go to the throne for me, but pray more for them!

To all prayer warriors out there: Pray for me! But pray more for them!


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