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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Always ready for adventure! That's a 6-year old's attitude that I must really adopt. (more later)

September 14...Today I needed that sense of adventure! Tests. Tests. And More tests. Echocardiogram, Ct scans of everything, literally everything, bone scans of my entire skeleton. So I drank banana flavored chalk, took intrevenous radiation for the bone scan, plus whatever that contrast stuff (berrium??) is they put in for the Ct scans. Probably if I go outdoors tonight, I'll glow in the moonlight. Now there's an adventure: take a walk in the moonlight just to see if I really do glow in the dark.

I'm not sure what happened to my positive attitude -- I think it has escaped with the radiation! Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday to install the mediport -- I told the surgeon that I wanted WiFi with it. He just laughed.

I'm headachey tonight -- probably from all the chemicals in my I shall go drink lots of water to flush it all out and then spend all night trotting to the potty!!! Hee Hee. Just can't keep it positive tonight. God forgive me!

I also met some wonderful people today. Particularly the lady who did the ultrasound for the echogram, was empathic and helpful. Honestly, from the registrar to the X-ray technician, everyone was wonderful. They must have a hard time staying positive -- seeing anxious or sick people all day everyday. When the doctors order says R/O metastasis, It can't be terribly pleasant looking at film or reports that will forever change a person's life. Okay, enough already!

I know what is positive...the beautiful 6 year old in the pic above is my lovely Granddaughter. Now there is a positive thought!!

God thank you for family and friends who are supportive and helpful!


P.S. The reports won't be read and to the doctor until Wednesday. I'll make an appointment to see him on Thursday or Friday. So, no answers until next week. My bones may be wonderfully strong...or not!

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