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Sunday, September 10, 2006


I laugh everytime I look at this photo. There is nothing in the world like a team of four-year olds getting last minute instructions for anything. In this case, they're about to play their very first game of soccer. I love the poses and attitudes. There's the laughing child, the one with his hands over his ears, the one with arms crossed looking elsewhere, a couple of them pulling on t-shirts. Each appears to be in his/her own little world and not at all "with it" on the team or paying the least attention to the coach.

But I wonder if it isn't a metaphor for us. God has us together with a task he'd like performed and we are off, lost in our own personal world. Right now, it's such an easy thing for me to become self-absorbed, inattentive to anything or anyone else. I must remember, even with the "special circumstances" under which I am currently working, I am still part of a team, part of a church, part of a family, part of a ministry and I must remember that, remember to attend to what is happening to others. Even if this is a difficult time in my life, it isn't all about me!

Of course, it makes me laugh more that my own little wanderer has grown up and is now working at being a good parent. As a part of that, he is coaching my granddaughter's first soccer team. Yes, that's Brad working to get the cooperation of a group of four year olds. (My granddaughter has on the purple vest -- she was goalie for the first quarter.)

It does make a parent smile to see their offspring being parents!!


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