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Monday, July 21, 2008

All because of a Spider

I went on a cleaning spree today. My granddaughter found something like the little spider at the left on my bedroom wall last night. It was very dramatic. She screamed; I came to the rescue and killed it with an equally dramatic flourish of a towel. (It was handy; what can I say?) The towel aroused a cloud of dust from the torchiere lamp in the area. So today I attacked the lamp.

Then I went searching for more torchiere lamps full of dust. Besides the pair in my bedroom, there was another in the family room also full of dust. The living room Tiffany torchiere was clean...My bi-weekly cleaning lady dusts that one and not the other three??? She likes Tiffany? I'm just sayin'.

Next I realized that the cords of the lamps in my bedroom were also covered with dust. So I attacked the dust under the bed and around the lamp cords and clock cords and ... You get the picture. Then I went checking all the corners in the house. This will only seem amazing to you if you remember that I am allergic to most household cleaners and generally get sent on errands when major cleaning is to be done. I wash dishes, clean the kitchen sometimes and clean the charcoal grill (except it's now a gas grill -- I still clean it). I guess I'm not allergic to Endus*t. I'm not sure that bodes well for my status as Cerebral Princess. I may be turning into Cinderella. Somethin' is just wrong with that!


PJ said...

Cerebral Princess???? At my age, I should be the Queen Bee!!! ROTFL

Shonda said...

Dust arrives daily in my home! Clean, it comes in with the boys. Clean the corners, it finds its way back. Spiders, I decided to become friends with them (unless they show signs of aggression or marks a poisonous species). It has taken me a while to get to this point, but I think living with all male gender household helped.

Thanks for stopping and greeting me today! What a special treat to "meet" new friends. May you blessed today!

Engrafted by His Grace-

Maggie Ann said...

Good Morning PJ, I don't like to even think of the dust lurking around here, though it is very satisfying to clean when you 'know' how much it needs it. Not as satisfying as doing fun things though...grin. Thanks for coming by to visit me at knitting kat..and leaving a comment!

byoc said...

What a great post - Don't you just shrug and grin when one thing leads to another and another and another? I'm known as "the Grandma who thinks spiders are her friends" lol

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