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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Green Police


Other things that go Bump in the Night

Grandma, what will happen to us when we've used up all of Earth's resources?

In spite of all the talk about it, I don't think we will.

Yes, but what if we do? Without plants, we couldn't even breathe. Would we all die?

I look at it like this: You know how your Daddy takes care of you and provides all the things you need and even many of the toys and things you want?

Well, I look at God as my Daddy and He provides the things that I need, like Earth's resources. It's not like I can be responsible and abuse things, but I believe that God will take care of us. This Earth has been here longer than these people. God is in charge of the life cycles. I think they're more resilient than we know. Now I'm not saying we should be irresponsible. Like, if you got mad and broke all of your toys, would Daddy replace them?

Nope, I'd be in big trouble.

Exactly. God doesn't want me to just destroy things for the fun of it, but He's there to take care of us. I just don't believe that Earth's resources will vanish if are reasonably responsible with our things. I believe that God is big enough to handle his creation. But you do know that the Earth will end some day...that's when we go to be with God.

Yep...(and to my amazement) And SOME people will go to the OTHER place.

True enough.

Grandma, can we buy some ice cream and some chocolate and make something really fun?

Sure. (And I'll try to remember to recycle the batteries next time! Even the AAA ones!)

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