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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Matthew 10:29-30 (Amplified Bible)

29 Are not two little sparrows sold for a penny? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father's leave (consent) and notice.

30 But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

Such a day!! Some things I hate doing so much, it leaves me blah and headach-y? Yet I know full well that God has things in hand...even the hairs of my head are numbered. In the re-grown-from-chemotherapy-curls, he has counted the hairs. But I so dislike dealing with insurance repayments, and doctors bills not yet covered, and account supervisors calling about insurance not yet making payment, that I even forget to ask God to help me deal with it. I forget to ask!! I think I'm so disgusted with my own inability to cope with some things, that I assume that HE is too!

There you have it. A confession. From a mature? child of God who knows to take everything to him, I venture out into the world fearful and relying on only my own abilities (If it involves numbers, I'm lost) to take care of things.

And what does God have in store? Surprises. Coincidences??? His plan?

First stop: my employer's insurance specialist in the human resources department. A wonderfully helpful woman if ever there was one. She confirmed: The dr's office sent me a useless (for gaining insurance payment) recap of the bills from diagnosis until today. I couldn't make heads or tails of it...neither could she. And she knows what she's doing. She says she can help but needs different documentation from the Dr....which the account lady flatly refused to funish me with last time.

But...she also observed a HIPPA violation....not that it took a rocket scientist to notice, but I hadn't. On the back of the printout of my info, was 12 pages of other patient information. oops.

I schlep on to the photocopy place and copy all 29 pages -- including the back side of the last 12 with the verboten data.

Oh, yes. At the photocopy place, I lift the glass and discover two check stubs that belong to a friend...she had forgotten them. So I delivered them to her and felt better already. Helping someone else always lifts the spirits.

Now on to the Doctor's office. I go back to the billing section and begin with the first two questions about my remaining bill. The one girl is very nice; the other is terse and monosyllabic (I love the sound of that word). "Your account is in review" is her answer to all questions. With the implication in her voice that I must either be a deadbeat or an idiot or possibly both.

Then I give them the card of the wonderful person from my employment who will help. Attitudes improve a little. And then...

"I have one additional concern," I say. And turn over the papers to show other patients' information. Their eyes get big...who sent this...etc....The younger one then thanks me profusely for bringing back the information. (It wasn't HER error. The person who sent me the documents was out to lunch). They're exchanging surreptitious looks. Then she offers to run me another copy of those papers (obviously, minus the other patients' info).

"That's Okay. I have a copy."

"You have a copy with the info on the back?"

"Yes. I do."

"Oh. Well. You can do that, of course..." They exchange glances.

There is silence in the office. The three other ladies not involved in the conversation have turned to look at us. A tableau vivant. We all sit there. I say nothing else.

"Well," (the tone is different, more concilliatory) "we sent a new billing to the insurance yesterday. (You couldn't tell me that before?) We should be hearing something soon. We'll let you know as soon as this is taken care of."

"Thank you." I say.

As I leave the silence is profound. I can imagine the babble of voices as the door shuts behind me. Or maybe the silence BEFORE the voices.

About an hour later, I receive another call from them asking for information. The lady uses a softer voice than I've ever heard from their billing department.


  • the hard-nosed woman who literally drove me to tears the last time we talked makes a major error. A legal HIPPA violation.
  • I find legal documents left behind in a suburban photocopier that belonged to a friend (who lives in a different town) and am able to deliver them back to her. (This is the suburbs of CHICAGO, people!! I'm just saying...what are the odds?)
OR, Divine Intervention? Even when I was too distraught to ask.


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truth said...

This makes me feel so much better. As a new Christian, I had no problem remembering to ask for God's help with EVERYTHING, even for his help in finding the right parking spot.

And years later, I forget to pray about something bigger because I'm so caught up in the moment. Oye!

Marina said...

don't be so hard on your self pj look at all you have been throug and you are still hear standing and writing to us Parise God.

Junebug said...

WOW! Sometimes we have things happen that we say just by coincidence but God....has a way of arranging or orchestrating things we never even dreamed of. Happens all the time, doesn't it?

His Girl said...

this is such a fun story! I love how He cares for us in ways we could never have thought of for ourselves!


Maggie - Mom of Six said...

I love it when God reminds us through his grace that he is walking right beside us. It is so much nicer than the poking I do to my kids to remind them I am right there willing to help! LOL! Of course, I am pretty sure I have felt him poke me a few times too! Thanks so much for this post as it was an additional reminder to me too. One that was already laid out in front of me in my Bible study this morning. Two reminders and it is only 8:36 in the morning.....hmmmmm....

MommytoJonah&Jude said...

That is cracking me up. I wish I could have been in the doctor's office to see the expressions..hehe!! I'm sure they will be much nicer to you in the future.

What comes around truly does go around. I was once slandered by an employee in my company and was so upset by the whole situation. The person who told lies about me told them to their boss who then wrote a letter to my boss forwarding the lies..I guess they thought they would get me in trouble. My boss never believed a word of it..I knew he wouldn't, but I was still upset because that had never happened to me. I considered going to Human Resources to file a complaint, but felt a check as if the Lord was saying to me "Let me fight your battles." So I did nothing. Less than two years later, the employee who created the lies was fired for stealing from the company. There is justice. Now, I am glad I did nothing. It really is better to just take the high road.

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