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Thursday, December 25, 2008

By PJDHuerta

Last Sunday M decided the project of the day was to write books. All three of us got busy under the direction of M. When we were finished, little m designated her book for Mom and Dad; M decided hers was for Uncle Rob and Aunt Christy; M decreed that mine was to be for Papa because that way "Every family would have one." After we finished, we found bags, labeled them and placed them under the Christmas tree. The recipients read the stories on Christmas Eve as we began the festivities. The only one I have access to today is mine. So here is "Grandma and the Princesses."

Grandma and the Princesses

Once upon a time there lived a lady who had two boys. In time her little boys grew to be men and married. After a time, her son had a little girl.

"Oh great," thought the lady, "We have a princess!"

The little princess was such a delight to all. She gurgled and smiled and kicked her feet. Soon she grew older and learned to talk.

"Gwa'ma," said the Little Princess. "I go with you."

And Grandma was delighted.

One fine day a second princess appeared. Like the first princess, this one charmed everyone, but mostly from the safety of Mommy's arms. But soon she, too, liked to visit at Grandma's house.

And Grandma was delighted.

Sometimes they played with the doll house. Other times they had a tea party. The Little Princesses loved to dress up. The first Princess preferred the mermaid dress. She danced and danced just like princesses always do.

Grandma was delighted.

The littlest princess loved to wear the fairy costume, usually without the wings. The wings annoyed her. She danced and danced in her little yellow fairy costume.

And Grandma was delighted.

As the little princesses grew older, games became more sophisticated. They played tic tac toe, checkers and chess. Outside they rode bicycles, played hopscotch and exploded pop into a fountain with Mentos.

And Grandma was delighted.

But once in awhile, the princesses would fight.

"It's my turn!"

"No. it's my turn!"

"Get out of my way."

"No! You get out!"

And one little princesses pushed the other little princesses. And they both began to cry.

And Grandma was very sad.

But most of the time the princesses played nicely. They learned to use the magic words: "Please" and "Thank you."

And Grandma was delighted.

On cold snowy days, Grandma and the princesses made books. Both princesses were very smart. Sometimes they read books or played number games with Papa.

And Grandma was delighted.

Grandma watched as the little princesses grew and grew. "Someday my little princesses will be grown up and maybe have princesses of their own," thought Grandma.

And she was delighted.

In the meantime Grandma played with the princesses and taught them as much as she could about being grown up princesses who will serve the King of Kings.

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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You are the BEST grandma. I want to be just like you when my grands come along. And it looks like you got the snow that was predicted for us but never materialized. Ooh, sorry.

PJ said...

Snow came...but's melting. My front lawn is a LAKE with snow pile islands dotting it!!! Really bad. That's the price of a white Christmas.

zoebabie said...

Your Once Upon Story i love it so much so much of imagination & scene of the story going on...
And i believed i am my mummy&daddy's princess too:) but they live apart me. And not forgetting of my grandma too is better for me to make a call wishing her "Merry Christmas"

Thanks for ur lovely story.


His Girl said...

*sniff* I love this story...

and Grandma was delighted!

precious. just precious!

marina said...

pj, just thought I would let you know I but my blog back up however I am still working on it, marina

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