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Monday, December 08, 2008

Voices from the Past
Part II

On the back of the last page of Lee's letter to her sister was one from Mom:

Dear Little Daughter Lois:
I thot maybe you would drop us a card and let us know how you were this week. I hope you are much better. I didn't go to the rally because it was so bad. Why didn't you folks go to the rally? Lee is acting a dunce and teasing me till I can't hardly write. Dad said there was two Doniphan men at the hunter's meet yesterday. Ben went to town Monday and got a car license and went and saw Edna. They say she is getting along just fine. We are all just about as usual. You all come over when you can.

Lots of love to you.


It seems to me that Mom may have a inkling that all is not well. Lois is recently married. Later it will be learned that Ambrose was abusive. She came home several years later with her little boy. But he wasn't born for a couple of years.
The Rally was an important social and religious event. It gave families a chance to get together during this time for several churches to congregate and celebrate with a special service. Mom would know that something is wrong if Lois, who is a piano player and singer, doesn't attend the Rally.
Then there's the matter of communication. Weekly letters were a ritual if families were separated. I clearly remember Mom sending letters to her MIL and to her sister in later years when both were married, but living in different places. At this point, Mom just wants to hear that all is well with her oldest daughter.


Diana said...

These letters tell a story!....I felt for your grandmother as she questions Lois without heartbreaking for a mother to see her grown daughter suffer and not be able to comfort her the way she did when she had her under her wing! Mothers always want their children to be happy....I've heard it said that a mother is only as happy as her unhappiest child is.
Love, Diana

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I love stuff like this, and now you have preserved it for posterity, which is wonderful. For a long time I followed a blog which simply posted old letters like this from one family. I love the glimpses into the past. I'm thankful for modern medical advances and conveniences, but still, there's something so appealing about the past. Romanticism, I guess, because I know life was hard.

His Girl said...

I can't get over what a sweet treasure these are.

Tina said...

that is so amazing.... what a great opportunity for you to have.

Marina said...

I just found my mom's baby book it was written in 1934 all in spainsh little writing I wish I could understand it all the writing is so fine. But my grandmother save news paper clips and had my mother draw in the book. I love to look at the past we learn so much. I glad you have these treasure. marina

truth said...

So interesting to get a perspective of what was going on in their lives. What a different world it was. My mother-in-law and I used to write letters back and forth. I found a couple and I treasure them. These are another whole dimension of life.

Gwendolyn said...

How neat to have these letters! I have some that my grandfather wrote to his brothers and sisters while he was in the army during WWII. They fascinate me. :o)

Sherry said...

So very interesting! It's easy to feel like you're there when reading.

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