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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Betcha can't guess what I did this afternoon!
I filled fourteen pots with flowers.
I can hardly contain the excitement!

Bob asked what I wanted for Mother's Day.
My reply: "Anything for the deck and back patio. I'd like to make it look nice."
And he knew I hated the evergreen trees that cluttered up the place, so he had them removed while I was at school on Friday. Hurray. Doesn't it look nice?
He also bought the flowers for my beloved flower pots....I don't do in-the-ground flower beds, but I have learned to do container gardening. I think I love it because it isn't related to "farming" like putting the plants directly into the earth would be. This way it is "decorating."

So I had wonderful fun this afternoon -- although I must say, my back is aching somewhat!! But what a lovely day!!

Thank you, dear, for a marvelous made-for-me Mother's Day present!!

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