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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To Oink, or not to Oink
That is the question!

This morning I thought I had an allergic reaction to some perfume in my first hour classroom. It's happened before. I do my usual coughing, followed within an hour or two by sneezes and a raspy throat. By the time I left school, I had the congestion in my chest, well on my way to bronchitis which is a bit ahead of schedule for an allergic episode. Usually it takes a couple of days for the bronchitis to set it.

It's a beautiful day here. I came home and finished planting flowers, but really didn't have my heart in it. I just didn't feel very good. I quit when I got a headache, thinking that besides the sinus reaction, I had sunstroke as well. Then I began to feel warm.

And I decided to rethink it all. . . The thermometer is still only registering 99.2, but I took a couple of naproxen so a fever would be curtailed somewhat.

I shall go tomorrow and find out if I have that nasty little virus: N1H1. Wouldn't that be the irony of ironies? I've Poo pooed the media over reaction to this virus. And now guess who probably has it??? LOL It's good I can laugh on the keyboard, cause if I try in person, it sets off the coughing!!! hack! hack!!!

Oh did I mention that the absence rate at our school right now is somewhere between 6% and ???. Twenty-five kids were sent home today with a fever. And, trust me, our nurse doesn't send kids home for nothing. Do I hear school closing??? AND...guess who wouldn't get to enjoy the days off!!! Hack! hack!!! hack!!!

I'm going to bed!!! Keep well! Take the vitamin well, get plenty of rest...and drink lots of water!!! Hack!! Hack!!! Hack!!! Be glad you're not my neighbor!


1 comment:

Ballerina Girl said...

It would be a pleasure to be your neighbor...
and I am saying a prayer that it is not H1N1...
but whatever it is, take care, rest and get better soon!


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