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Friday, July 24, 2009

Conversation between Costa Rican horses

Soledad: Look what we have now! Two aging, chubby Americans.

Dolores: Ai! This man can't even get on. Did you see? She gave him a shove to get him up.

Soledad: Here she comes. Can't get on either. Senor Daniel found a traffic bump she can climb on. There she goes. She made it.

Dolores: This guy doesn't know what he's doing. I'll just take a little break here in the street.

Soledad: Okay. Headed for the beach. But wait this crazy woman is taking pictures of my butt!

Dolores: Maybe I can rake this guy off at the fence. Darn!! He hung on...just scraped his leg a little.

Soledad: She thinks she's a cowgirl, but I almost hit her head on that tree in the alley.

Dolores: This guy is making strange sounds trying to get me to speed up. Good thing he doesn't know what he's doing. I'll just keep plodding along.

Dolores: Should I speed up a bit? Just to keep up with you guys.

Soledad: Up to you.

Dolores: I gotta go....and this guy won't even let me stop for a minute for a potty break. Strange noises again! What does a girl have to do for some privacy around here.

Soledad: She's worried that Daniel won't be going to school when it starts Monday. Ai! The questions these Americans ask.

Dolores: Now he's telling stories about wild dogs in some place called Ecuador. I think he has a phobia about dogs.

Soledad: Almost finished. My back hurts.

Dolores: I'm just tired of these cityslickers!

Soledad: Yikes! Now she can't get off. Come on lady that leg has to swing over the saddle to the other side!!! How long do I have to stand here!!!

Dolores: I think he's gonna just sit up there all day!!! Come on, man, get down. Oh here she comes. Does she really think she's gonna lift him down??? Heaven help us all!!

Soledad: They did it! Both of them. I think they're in one piece too. She's walking funny though.

Dolores: I'm walking funny!!! Where's the pasture. What does a girl have to do for some rest around here.

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