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Friday, July 03, 2009

Travel tales

Taste of Chicago today.

On the train via Chicago, the train begins to fill up. We know this through power of deduction. When three thousand people traipse through the car and try to take two seats while two of your party is in the bathroom, if you''re really sharp you'll figure it out: The train must be very full. I'm smart like that.

So the conductor comes on the intercom. "The train is filled past seating capacity. If you are not going all the way to Chicago, please stand up."

We look at each other. Even the 7-year old thought that was an odd request. No one in our car stood up. He only paused for a moment before he continued.

"Then please get off the train." We start to giggle, thinking it must be a joke. Nope. No joke. He continues.

"Deboard the train at this station if your destination is other than Chicago. This will now be an express train. We will make no more stops before Chicago. Please wait on the platform for another train. There is another train 20 minutes behind this one and will take you to your destination."

Well people, please get off. I don't want that train catching up with us!! I'm thinking. But I have to admit I was happy that we were now on an express train.

Don't think I'd be that happy if I'd been getting off somewhere other than Chicago!!!

1 comment:

Ballerina Girl said...

Smart move Mr. Conductor!
Lucky you all!!


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