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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A lovely Afternoon

I'm sitting on my little patio (no roof, so it's not a porch) in front of the house. A beautiful, sunny, warm summer afternoon drinking a Caramel Collision Coffee Chiller, an invention of Pat Jamin, one of the proprietors of my favorite gourmet Cafe, Al's Cafe in downtown Elgin. I just had the thought, "Life can't get much better." Yet it isn't that EVERYTHING is so wonderful. I can think that "if only..." But the point is that this is one of those perfect moments in time. Relaxed. Sunshiney. Nothing major on my mind at the moment. Bills will be paid tomorrow. Lesson Plans finished later. That problem addressed next week. The other concern travailed over at another time. This moment is one of those perfect ones. Just me, the sunshine, my computer and the neighborhood in which there isn't another soul astir at the moment. Lovely.

Thank you God for an Oasis, a moment in time in which to enjoy your world, your work and contemplate the good things of life. Did I mention the Carmel Collision Coffee Cooler?

Thank you God.

P.S. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of oneself?? It has to be a closeup -- unless one has octopi arms. The first pictures alternately showed: the wrinkles on my neck, the bags under my left eye (not even the under eye bags match!), my droopy left eye, eyes squinted too much, mouth drawn from trying to get the arms out farther for LESS of a close up. Finally my dear hubby emerged from the bowels of the house and agreed to snap this one shot. While I could point out the faults in this pictures as well, I shall not because at least it's not too closeup!! You will agree with me to ignore chubby arms an legs! Yes you will because I said so!

Did I mention that the Caramel Collision Coffee Cooler is delicious? And the day is sunny and bright?


truth said...

Thanks for sharing. I love peeking into your life. I too am enjoying a lovely hot drink while reading your blog, but a creation of my own. Ok, just plain vanilla coffee latte. But soothing none-the-less.

Ballerina Girl said...

I don't know what you are talking look great!!
and can you send me one of those coffees? I would like to try it!!

Enjoy the rest of your day just as you were, relaxing, enjoying and not letting all the "other stuff" bother you!


PJ said...

Truth: Any coffee will do -- the relaxing with some drink is key.

BG: If you are ever near Chicago, call me and I'll either take you there OR get one and deliver it to you. I can mimic most recipes... but that one is one I just haven't gotten right. I gave up and just go get it from Pat!!!

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