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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Farewell to Vacation

I just tried my hand at an ode -- but I'm not in poetic mode, muse has fled the airport in despair. Maybe the change from sea breeze to mountain air has fried my brain the way it frizzed my hair. I have serious hair problems in the tropics!!! I have mountain hair!

Yesterday, I tried to get Bob and Kiko, the little capucine, asleep on the little jungle patio at our B & B. But they both opened their eyes when I walked toward them. Kiko more so than Bob.

This morning I fed Kiko banana left from my breakfast and he as so happy that.... well let's just say he was VERY happy!!!

So now, I'm at the airport debriefing...trying to set my brain to face civilization again. Wondering which of the habits we've acquired here are possible to keep at home. Some of them, yes.

For example, I love the continental breakfast. It would be really easy to do....just get my derriere in gear each morning. We even have the patio to eat it on, ala Costa Rica. I brought back the small seat-type hammock. I'm going to get that strung up...if I have to climb the tree myself!!! Then, I have to find a half hour or so each day to sit and relax!! Possible. Not easy, but possible.

We're both more relaxed. Knowing things are well at home helps....Rob and Christy are so very reliable to tend the church. With Rodney, Rob, Rachel & Company, the music is always well-done. (Yes, Debbie you are included here!!) Jorge (Lidna, that's not YOUR Jorge!) keeps an eye on the house and the church with help from Kenny.

We thought this visit to Costa Rica was a one-time thing, based on where the plane tickets were most economical. We are finding, however, that we really like the place, the people, the culture.

I only need Mel Gibson to donate his beachfront property in Playa Casilla and we'd be able to start ministry!!! :) Who's ready to migrate with us???? (I know, I'm out of my mind! But God sometimes has strange plans!)

Do I look crazy?? Okay, only a little!!!


Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

Hi there! It's been a while since I've commented but I'm reading about your travels and so happy for you. Welcome home soon and be safe. I'll say a prayer for you. Much love, Andrea (Mama P - PasstheZoloft)

PJ said...

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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