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Monday, August 14, 2006

I taught the children on Sunday. Here we are, all in the same boat!


We just celebrated 25 years of ministry here at JCC. This weekend has been hectic with all the festivities, but it was wonderful. We had a great time. Eric, Dundee and T'Neil Wise did a terrific job at the concert Friday night, as did the Covenant Praise Dancers. The dancers inspired our youth group. They'd like to learn some choreography.

This has also been a tense time for me. I go tomorrow for a biopsy. Last week a mammogram came back with a mass "highly suspicious" of malignancy. The ultra sound said, "highly suggestive" of malignancy. My surgeon said it was probably a 50/50 chance that it was benign. (The glass is half full!)

But then, regardless of what the doctors say, it's all in the hands of God. So in the next couple of days I will know. I haven't told the church -- didn't want to put a damper on festivities this weekend. But my family knows and I emailed a few good friends.

Assuming I recover quickly tomorrow, I'll post again on Tuesday...God willing.

Thanks for your prayers.

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