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Thursday, November 15, 2007

THis is from a picture of me with Victor, Marta and Sammy before the liver transplant -- December 2005. This is what my hair had been like for several years.

Last October, chemo effects began. Exactly three weeks after the first infusion, my hair began to fall out.

After a few days of clumps of hair on the pillow in the morning, I went and got a very short haircut. It was an attempt to stave off the inevitiable just a little bit longer. (That picture disappeared into cyberspace) And then one evening, even more fell out all at once and I was left with this.

So Brad and the girls came over for him to shave my head.

M and I are both apprehensive about this head shaving to come!! (the 4 year old is the photographer here!)

Brad finished the job by shaving my head. Both girls helped -- taking pictures and movies (the 6 year old took this one) You can see M's sad face. I had him leave the bangs and a fringe in back that still hung on. For about a week I could wear a hat and it wasn't terribly obvious that I was bald. Howevever that hair, too, soon fell out. And then I donned this wig. Occasionally I'd wear a hat or scarf or both, but most of the time I wore this wig. I'd though about getting a funky one for fun, but somehow when it's necessity, the fun is gone and I just wanted to look NORMAL.

By summer, I was tired of the wig and just started wearing it short -- I really didn't like the short in front stuff. was better than sweating in the wig.

It's been growing since March and by the end of October, it was very shaggy!!

It had gotten so shaggy and long. I liked the feel of the longer hair, but it was getting unmanageable because it was short on the sides, long in back, longer on the right side -- kind of a lop-sided mullet. It's still very curly...this was taken blow dried. I've been wearing it curly, but now it's too long.

My current hairdo. I had it cut the other day.


Sarah said...

Thank you for this post. Did your hair grow back different than how it was before treatment? I know that the loss of hair from chemo is one of the major things Lynne is worried about. If you don't mind PJ, I would like to print out the entries from the past with your diagnoses and such for my mother in law. She is starting to feel more down about the future.

PJ said...

You may print anything you like. If she would like to talk to me, I'll briefly post my phone number. I'm happy to help anyone I can in any small way.

Yes. My hair is different. It was always slightly wavy, but never curly like now. It just does ringlets...which was very handy for summer. It came back in a kind of sandy brown color -- mine has always been some shade of red or another. When I was young it was vibrantly auburn, later less vibrant, but still RED-ish. Now, my hairdresser has devised the perfect color!!! (The last picture)

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