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Friday, November 02, 2007

Congreso Juvenil, 2007
Elgin, IL

I had an interesting personal revelation tonight. Our foster son (protegee, mentee), Bismarck, has for the first time organized a regional Youth Congress for the Hispanic churches. The first service was this evening. It continues tomorrow during the day and ends tomorrow evening.

Bob is still in New Mexico for his nephew's funeral, so I was there as the pastoral representative from JCC and Pastor of Mundo de Triunfo. The protocol in Hispanic circles (and many English-speaking ones as well) is to recognize pastors. All pastors are asked to come to the front or maybe just to stand for recognition. In English-speaking services I always stand. I am the Assistant Pastor of JCC and the Pastor of Mundo. I'm a third-generation female Pentecostal preacher. My grandmother received the Holy Spirit at the Azusa Street Revival (Los Angeles, 1906-1915) and a couple of years later, left California traveling the U.S. preaching. But that was then.

You'd think with that kind of background, I'd be perfectly confident as a female minister, and in most circles, I am. But there's something about that air/spirit of machismo that predominates in the Hispanic culture, even when female preachers are verbally accepted, that intimidates me. (I know. Those who know me are saying, "You? Intimidated? Surely you're joking") I'm not joking. I usually don't stand, go the front, whatever, when pastors are recognized unless someone specifically asks for me.

I realized tonight that not going forward was a false humility. I'm attempting to placate an attitude that I think/imagine is there. It may or may not be there. Even so, I have resolved: Never again. When they ask for pastors/ministers to step forward, whether in English or Spanish-speaking circles, I shall step up, speak up, stand up or whatever. These ministers may not even be aware that I am, indeed, in a pastoral position. So I shall (humbly) accept my place among them. If any have a problem, it is their own problem.

For me and God, His gifts and callings are "without repentance." (Romans 11:29) And I'm not going to be the one to deny that call on my life. So, sorry God. I confess I was wrong and will try not to hide behind my own skirt again! Amen.

November 2, 2006



Anonymous said...

Aunt Phyll,

Thank you for sharing this. This is something that I too struggle with at times, though I have never voiced it. I have heard that scripture many times, but never related it to my specific doubts. Your blog is a blessing to me.

Do you have more information about your grandmother (my great grandmother) and her ministry? I was trying to relate some of it to a friend and couldn't remember the details. I think I remember my dad saying that she was ministering as a traveling evangelist before her husband that correct? I believe he said that Grandpa Ben Blunt preached the revival when the Becton family were spirit filled. Anyway..I would love any information you have about them.


PJ said...

You're burning the midnight oil!! And even I didn't know that you were called to preach.

Yes. Grandma left California with her aunt Maude (can't think of last name now...I have it somewhere) and evengelized across the nation. She later held a revival in a church that Grandpa was pastoring in Arkansas...or was it she started pastoring and he held the revival? have to check my facts!

More later..gotta get to school

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