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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What a whirlwind!

Bob's on his way to New Mexico. I got from the airport to the Halloween party for the Granddaughters. Yesterday I got the grades into the computer by 9:20 (the deadline was 9:00) Today I posted the lists of kids for the field trip -- who goes where morning and afternoon for the next two days. (Not an easy task, I assure you). The first of the trips is tomorrow morning. I was home by 7:40 and able to answer a few emails. Whew!

I keep thinking about the ideas from Sunday's sermon (No rollover minutes). The difference between the load limit and the load you're carrying is the margin. Everyone needs a little margin with: finances and time. Running on overload daily is not a good things. It takes its toll on health, emotion, relationships, spirit. So how do I cut the load??

Hmmmm. Must give that some thought

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