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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Horrifyingly Sad News

(Is horrifyingly even a word? That's how I feel...superlatively horrified and sad) My husband emailed me at work this morning with the most awful news: The father of a close friend of ours was killed last night, which is bad enough. But the circumstances still leave me shaking my head. He was killed by police gunfire while he and they were in pursuit of armed robbers. Strange how the situation changes when you know an individual in a story. There's just no way it happened the way police said it did. And I'm usually a pretty pro-police person (unless we're talking Chicago...then...I'd believe just about anything the cops there would do...or the South...Okay...ambivalence here...).

I suppose we'll have to see how it plays out. But an 80-year-old man chasing a couple of young thieves getting shot by cops seems such an incredible scenario. And the cops waiting so long to give any kind of information just doesn't ring true.

That the elderly gentleman chased thieves, even with a gun, I'll buy. Then they shoot him by mistake. Okay. Understandable, even. He was out of his element for sure. But then the story gets juiced up with the 80-year old firing at thieves on the ground, etc. uh uh. The story seemed to grow with the day, and I'm not buying it.
(My momma didn't raise no dummy!)

Life sometimes has the most incredible twists and turns. Sigh!

Sadder than sad,

The story as it grew.

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zoe said...

that was a horrible news i ever heard police make a mistake to killed a innocent one! Perhaps the police should be send to jail for his mistake...

life is so miracle sometimes...

i better live happily and tresure my life with the max.

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