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Friday, October 26, 2007


October 1970 we arrived in Elgin with all of our possessions in and on a Volkswagen bug, $7.00 in my purse, a car payment due in a week and no jobs. We were staying with friends who had 7 children, little spare room or food, but were graciously hosting us until we could find jobs and an apartment. We would eat very little food (I always have a voracious appetite!) because we were afraid we were literally taking food from their children's mouths. So we judiciously used the $7 to supplement our diet that first week.

Finally, on Saturday October 18 (our first wedding anniversary) we celebrated by having one hot dog each from Lum's and sharing a soda (notice my "Southern" that point it was "Soda" to me). It was the end of our money. However, the following Monday we both found jobs and an apartment. The church that we had come to help paid the first month's rent and various members donated furnishings for it, including a queen-sized mattress that the manager of a furniture store said was "water damaged" and we could just have it. (We never did find the "water stain" on that brand new mattress).

I was thankful then for the apartment, the furniture and the goodwill of our new friends. I'm thankful today for the wisdom that comes from experience. I'm thankful for friends who would still do such things for us should it be necessary. I'm also thankful that God has provided for us and it isn't necessary!



Now, let's hear from you: For what are you thankful?

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