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Saturday, October 20, 2007

End of Soccer Season

Today was the last of the girls' soccer games. In spite of the cold yesterday and last night, the temp finally has climbed past 70 degrees today.

M played for the first time since her arm was broken. You can see she's holding her left arm a bit awkardly, but she did well.

The end of the season awards were given. Every player received a "soccer" medal on a ribbon.

M poses with cousin Josh and Papa with her medal

In the five year old league, the coaches are on the field and have to run too! Coach Brad takes a run down the field.


Sarah said...

Cute pictures! You guys love soccer!

PJ said...

We do! Probably part of our fascination is that our boys learned to play in Ecuador--and they continued through college. Brad had a nice soccer scholarship for college. So it is rewarding to see the girls play: reminds us of their Dad and Uncle, our Ecuador experience and our missions connection, not to mention that the little one is really good and has moves like Dad. Could be a future there! (But be assured I'm there for Dance recitals and Musicals, too!)


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