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Monday, October 08, 2007

Indian Summer
Granddaughters and pumpkins

An Angel and a Scarecrow

The girls never cease to amaze me with their individuality. We were at a craft store, and the young attendant offered choices to the girls. M2 made hers almost exactly like one of the models there and responded with "sure" to most of the suggestions the attendant made. M on the other hand created her own design. She didn't want pink cheeks, but chose brown. She spontaneously added bangs and a patch to the scarecrow's face, refused the eyelashes, decided to braid the hair, and then instructed the girl as to what she wanted for a hat.


I hadn't had the girls in a couple of weeks. We made up for it on Sunday. It was a lovely Indian Summer day, we painted pumpkins and played with Matchbox cars. They especially loved the old "General Lee" that belonged to their Dad and Uncle Robby.


Sarah said...

Great pumpkins!!!

PJ said...

Thanks! Artsy stuff is NOT my forte. I was so delighted to find the "Kids Club" was on the day we went looking for a craft to do. Mattea, especially, loves making stuff and my creative vision is pretty much limited to words, not 3-D objects!! The girl was sooo good at helping them! (And it cost far less than it would have for me to pick out the stuff.) Cheap, someone guide the project and all the materials the girls requested, what more could I ask?


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