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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Good News

I went to my absolutely wonderful massage therapist this afternoon. I feel so much better. I was concerned that the pain in my right leg might be sciatica, but the pain was being caused by the piriformis (a butt muscle) that was causing some restriction of the sciatic nerve, but it was not the disc compressing the nerve. So...with some stretching exercises, I should be good as new!! My muscles are reacting to the almost two years of inactivity. My hamstrings are tight and shortened, even my quads don't stretch the way they did just two years ago...but then, I was still playing soccer and exercising strenuously at times and more or less at other times. So it's stretching exercises for me on a daily basis.

The second piece of good news is that the meeting (professional development) that I went to yesterday was very inspiring. Assuming this current project continues well with the less structured environment, I want to rearrange things for a reading area. I want to have one day a week in which we read -- just read for 40 minutes. (If you saw my classes now, you'd know what a stretch that is). I'll be working on motivation for reading. I want some bean bag chairs (Where are the garage sales when I need them!), a big area rug (that I have) and some big pillows (I have a few; I'll have to make or find others). The idea is to create an environment conducive to reading. I'll have to work on the motivation...

I have two areas to stretch -- my muscles and my classroom!


Hootin'Anni said...

G'day!!! I'm here from the Over 50 Blogroll! I just wanted to let you know that you've been added to it, and that you may have to click refresh/reload on your browser to have your blog link come to view on the roll!!

It's nice meeting you. And I can tell by what I've read here, that you have a wonderful spirit of life!!!

Sometime soon, if you can, TRAVEL over to my own, personal blog!!!

[hope you can find some lasting online friendships through the blogroll]

My Kid's Mom said...

I have had a massage therapist for almost 7 years who has helped my fibromyalgia tremendously. It's too bad she's not covered under my insurance plan, but I still have her come every two weeks because otherwise, I'd be in a lot of pain all of the time. I do exercise everyday, and wonder where I'd be without my "stretching".

PJ said...

Hootin'Anni -- I love traveling your way. It's always a hoot!!

PJ said...

My Kid's Mom: Yes! I must start seeing her more regularly.

I have Myofascial Pain Syndrome which is related to Fibromyalgia, but different. My episodes sort of float around my body. Last time it was shoulders and arms. This time it's hips and legs, especially the right one. This particular Massage therapist is the one who originally diagnosed MPS, and it was later confirmed by an arthritis specialist. She rocks! (The therapist, not the Doc.)

Mrs. Darling said...

Thanks for you comment.

Andyes I need to do stretching exercises too. I have incredible pain in my tailbone and I think if I could stand all day Id be fine! Guess that isnt going to happen! LOL

Glad your meeting went well.

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