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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beautiful Day in the Park

Feeding the ducks, the deer and climbing trees. Later we fell off the merry-go-round too, but my battery was dead in the camera by then. (I hate when that happens!)

Sunday afternoon the light was perfect, the air crisp and cool, and our moods lighthearted

M didn't care for the deer much. She was afraid to come close. M loved "Bambi" and was so excited he ate the leaves she gathered.

M can never resist climbing a tree. M was only a few minutes behind her.

Climbing Trees on an Idyllic Sunday

This post was to cheer me up. There have been too many serious things happening. I needed some lighthearted proof that there are those wonderful places in which we can just enjoy the in the now.

Hope it cheered you too! Remember to smell the flowers.


Nise' said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for thankful Thursday. I enjoyed your day at the park! My camera's batteries were dead yesterday when I wanted to take a picture of my cat on the dining room table trying to get close to the counter 'cause he smelled something good up there. He has NEVER done that before!

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures!!

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