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Sunday, November 18, 2007

"I'm honored to be here"

I've heard the phrase used as a guest singer or speaker rises to the pulpit, "I'm honored to be here." Sometimes the speaker is sincere. Sometimes it's a platitude, social noise, the polite thing to say. Sometimes it means, "I'm trying to be humble about this, but you really made a good choice inviting me." Or, "I'm honored you had the good sense to have me here."

That phrase took on new meaning for me last Sunday morning when I was taught a valuable lesson by a 7-year old. It was one of those mornings. We were to collect shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. The children's choir was practicing; we had trouble finding the track-CD and the director's book. The sound system monitors were fading in and out. Because adult praise singer practice had taken too long, we were running out of time. The children couldn't remember to sing and do sign language at the same time. The logistics were eventually resolved; the singing, signing snag was solved.

But after all of this in practice, I had trouble concentrating. It was just one of those mornings! I was singing, trying valiantly to stay focused on Christ and worship, but thoughts kept crowding in.
I was mentally fussing about things. I was having attitudinal difficulties! Oh, the service went on: we sang; I raised my hands in worship. It was church as usual.

After we collected shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, the project coordinator came to the pulpit to pray for the boxes, and her 7-year old granddaughter accompanied her. I watched the child's face as her grandmother prayed. She was looking up at her with an awestruck expression on her face that I began to weep. She was so honored to be there that her little face shone. I grabbed my camera (photo buff that I am) to capture the moment, but she saw my camera and closed her eyes to join her Grandmother in prayer. The picture, therefore, missed the childlike innocence and wonder that had been there the moment before.

But sitting there watching her worshipful attitude, God spoke to me. "That's the attitude you need to have." I knew what He meant: she was honored to be there, genuinely honored. I needed to be honored to be in His Presence, honored to be worshiping, honored to be in the House of God on Sunday morning, honored that He graces us with His Presence instead of mentally fussing about a hectic morning.

Today just like that beautiful little girl, I let God take me by the hand and lead me into His Presence. Not because I deserved it; not because I'm good; not even because I love Him. But because He Loves Me. Because He died for me.

The child knew she wasn't there because she had done anything to deserve it; she was there just because she was the grandchild of a praying grandmother. And God has a special spot just like that for me, just because I'm HIS child, His redeemed one. I don't have to earn it; it isn't because I deserve it; it's just because I'm his child.

So this morning, I approached God with a different attitude. He responded so beautifully. There was a tangible sense of His Presence. For a long time as people prayed, we sang this song:

The Power and the Glory of His Name
by Geof Bullock

This Grace is mine, this glory earthbound, heaven sent
This plan divine, this life, this light that breaks my night
The Spirit of God, heaven falls like a dove to my heart.

This love is mine, so undeserved, this glorious name
This son, this God, this life, this death, this victory won
Forgiveness has flowed as this grace that is mine fills my heart.

The Power and the Glory of Your Name
The Power and the Glory of Your Name
The Power and the Glory of Your Name
The Name of the Lord, the Son of God.

This life is mine, so perfect and so pure, this God in me
This glorious hope, from earth to heaven, death to life
This future assured and secured by this love in my heart.

The Shechinah Glory of God filled the House. Praise went up and His Glory rained on us as we let Him Reign.

My prayer is that this may be a reminder for you, too. He honors us by showing up in our lives, in our worship. May we always approach Him with a sense of awe, a sense of honor.

God, I'm honored to be in Your Presence honored that you are in my life, that you come into my life and make a difference. Let me remember that, always!


PJ said...

A TEPEC: La Isla de Santa Catalina esta bella! Vive mi (Me falta el espanol a veces!) mother-in-law en Santa Fe Springs, cerca de Long Beach. Nunca he visitado la isla. Me da ganas!! (No pudi dejar comentarios en su sita)

Linda said...

PJ, this was a very powerful piece. It really spoke to me, and I'm not just saying that to be nice or whatever. Thank you for posting this.

Ann said...

Hello, PJ! It's very nice to meet you :) I read from some of your previous posts and wanted to tell you that you are in my prayers :) I'll be back to read more!
Happy Thanksgiving, PJ!!

Linda said...

I appreciate your "selective blindness" when it comes to laundry! Happy Thanksgiving, PJ.

My Kid's Mom said...

Very moving post. And, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

truth said...

It still amazes me that if we can be quiet, even for a moment, that God speaks to us in that still small voice to show us these things.

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