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Monday, February 18, 2008

Al Capone's Hideaway
St. Charles, IL

My BIL is here from California so the entire family went to dinner. I chose Al Capone's since we hadn't been there in . . . years???.... A weeknight dinner made it a bit tough for the little girls, but they made it. The food was delicious.

The Ambience?? Really fun. In the entryway there's a pair of shoes set in a cement block, a bathtub (where the liquor was made in the 1920's) and an old stove. Over the bar hangs a real Tommy Gun. (I'm assuming the "guts" are gone!) There are pictures of Al Capone everywhere. Oh, and I'm the woman in the red dress! ROTFL

The building really was a speakeasy in the 1920's, a place where they actually did make moonshine in the bathtub. It's been a restaurant since then, later becoming legit. Several of Al's buddies are historically connected with the place, and the legend is that Al himself hung out there. Since the Fed's were looking for him all the time, he couldn't have been there too much! It's right on the river (Good place to dump the bodies!) for stealthy transportation in and out and in a beautiful setting.


A friend asked me to give her "recipes" for Mexican food...just everyday beans and rice and stuff. That's like asking Grandma for her "recipe" for chicken and dumplings. You just take a bit of this and a bit of that. So I sat down and wrote out reasonable quantities, ingredients and directions. It was so much fun that I think I'll start a new blog for food. Something about a Gringa's guide to Mexican food...but that's been taken (I googled it ... He's a guy, so it's Gringo). But I want this to be some folk wisdom with cultural stuff -- getting along with a Hispanic male as well as food. Maybe a Hillbilly's guide to Mexican cuisine??? Any suggestions?


truth said...

That place sounds like a lot of fun.

Oh please do start a food blog-I LOVE Mexican food. It is hard to actually measure stuff when I'm cooking too. So when I add a recipe, I do try to make it and at least give a rough measurement.

His Girl said...

I am going to play around with names in my head all day long, amiga. I'll be back hopefully tonight with a good one. heehee!

ps- that restaurant does sound like fun!

Ann said...

Ah, I'm the wrong person to ask for help on the name of a blog. It took me hours to finally come up with "Small-Town Life." Seriously, I lack creativity.

We love Mexican food, too. Let us know when you create that blog!

Anonymous said...

ok, how about surviving mexican life as an american.....that would encompass all my food issues as well as culture issues and family issues. hahahahahaha thanks again!!!

Still Learning said...

I don't have any ideas for a clever name....but looking forward to the site!

Maggie - Mom of Six said...

I like Hillbilly's guide to mexican cuisine!

PJ said...

Hey! Anonymous. You may need more help than a blog can give. We'll talk. LOL

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