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Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Sunday

And what am I doing??? Checking out the blogs online. As it turned out I didn't get the girls today -- so I'm a bit blue and looking for distraction. (Distraction from ... a bag of stories to be graded written by 8th graders!) Grade stories?...leave notes for online friends?...look for interesting things online? Did I mention grade stories??? I didn't think so.

Today I found some beautiful hand stamped silver jewelry over at Hazelnut Cottage. There's a contest at Island Life. I entered, but if I don't win, I'll accept gifts!!! LOL Head on over. She really has some nice stuff. I especially like the Inspirational ones. Grace and Mercy are just what I need about now. Or, send a Valentine to your sister -- or your BFF.


Beemoosie said...

Hello PJ! Thank you for visiting my blog! Yes, my mother is the crocheter, not me!!! I never quite caught on!
How funny, I am a teacher's aide in a High School spec. ed classroom and I seem to do all the paper correcting!!

PJ said...

Ahhh. The luxury of having a teacher's aide!! Although, I need one even more for one-on-one help with my lowest performing students. Bless you for all you do!!!

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