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Monday, February 04, 2008

And...did you notice, in yesterday's movie, there is no evidence of me ever jumping into that foam pit??? That's because I didn't. I wanted to. But I was worried I'd have to spend the night!!!!

I can envision the 911 call. "Send a tow truck please. We have a hefty 50 year old stuck in the foam pit."

It would certainly have made my Granddaughter's 8th birthday memorable. Almost as memorable as my older Son's 21st Birthday party. I slit my finger with a brand of knife advertised to cut a penny in half -- Most of the party I spent at the emergency room getting stitched up!!! I do learn from experience, so I did NOT jump into the foam pit.

When the athletic 30-somethings work to get out -- I'm not goin' in. Not these days!!! Maybe after I recover a bit more. . . . ?????

I'm still looking to swap spots with SOMEBODY for a week or so!!!

Guess what??? We got two more inches of snow yesterday!!! Yep. That put about 14 inches on the ground. And it was just beautiful. I woke up about midnight and it was like daylight outside. The brand new snow reflected our lone streetlight and the scene was out of a movie. it got to 40 degrees. Our snow is . . . slush. Melted, messy. And with about half of it still on the ground, the warm air creates ground fog. Soupy stuff that's hard to see through. I heard that in Springfield (about 3 hours South) the fog was so thick that the traffic lights that are triggered by sensors couldn't read when a car was there!!!

Now tomorrow, we're supposed to get two more inches. What is up with that????


His Girl said...

come to our house! it's a balmy 50 degrees here!

i'd LOVE your company!

Lisa B @ simply His said...

I wouldn't trade places with you but you could come to my house :) Highs today in the sixties I believe.

And you're not too old to learn how to ride a motorcycle ;) They have motorcycle safety courses at community colleges -- and you don't even have to have a bike to take the class! They provide them :) I bet you'd love it!

truth said...

Oh that does look like fun, though. But how nice to have learned from a prior mishap. (Ouch, that sounds like it was one nasty cut.) I have a daughter turning 21 this month. I'll try to remember not to use knives that can cut pennies in half.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh, that foam looks like fun!

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