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Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Thoughts

Last week I ordered chocolate covered strawberries to be delivered to hubby's job site on Valentine's Day. Because I didn't do anything for our office staff at Christmas, I ordered a dozen for them to arrive on Tuesday. (No premium delivery charge for Valentine's Day!) My mouth was watering all day wishing I had some too!!

When I got home Tuesday night, I was met with this:

Yep. A dozen chocolate covered strawberries arranged as a dozen roses. I laughed when I saw them. Bob didn't understand. I expressed appropriate appreciation, but I was still laughing.

Some years we don't exchange anything more than cards. And this year??? We BOTH pick chocolate covered strawberries.

So for two days, I held my tongue. When the strawberries arrived at his job, he called, laughing!! He got it. We've been together far too long -- we now share a brain!!!


Chaotic Joy said...

You guys are both very sweet, and obviously meant for each other. And chocolate covered strawberries....yum!

the dragonfly said...

That is way funny. Definitely made for each other!

p.s. My mouth is watering just looking at the picture.

p.p.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

His Girl said...

brainsharing... such a cool, funny byproduct of a great marriage.

oh, and a delicious one too! mmmmm

Charlotte said...

What a sweet story. Sounds like you think alike. Now you're making me want chocolate covered strawberries.

Ann said...

I love it! Were they good? They sure look good.

PJ said...

They were absolutely scrumdillyicious. (That's hillbilly for: scrumptiously delicious!)

truth said...

That is so funny. Great minds think alike.

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