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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Big Mama has a giveaway from CWDKids. for $300. Yep. Wardrobe money for your little one! Go check it out. But not before you check this out.

And this gives me just the excuse I need to post some previously unposted pictures of my littles ones guessed it...CWDKids clothes. I found them online last fall and purchased the above outfits. I'll take credit for creating the kids too (although I didn't buy them online) -- but they are a generation removed -- I guess that makes me....1/6 responsible??? I'll take that!!


Sing4joy said...

Cute! Cute! Had a fun visit on your blog! And just about split at the sides when I saw your, "Would it kill you to comment??" Old Lady. SOOO funny!

Mrs. Darling said...

Those are darling outfits on darling kids.

truth said...

The clothes and the girls are adorable.

Still Learning said...


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