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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Las Cruces, New Mexico
April 18-19, 2008
A Grace Gathering

Grace Gathering
Ministry team

I just realized that all of my photos are in eating places....I guess I must have been thinking about food. I shall have to borrow someone else's photos to post anything but landscape or food. :)

Jennifer, Shelby, Rob and Rachel

Bonnie and Maria

Bob and I with Michael

Laura's plate. It just looked good to me!
Laura and I
Even the waiter gets in on the photos!

Rick and Becky at the Gathering...eating

Are these the champion tamale eaters?

Are we having fun, or what??

Who ate those tamales???

Who? Us? We did not eat all those tamales!

Did you eat all those tamales, Doreen?

What tamales? Somebody ate tamales? Couldn't have been Josh.

And in yet another restaurant...we are...eating!

Cesar and Tim

Rod stops eating long enough to chat

Asia finishes off the evening with a bowl of chicken noodle soup

Truthfully, we did sing, worship, present the Word, and pray. But since all I have are photos of us eating, what else could I talk about??? Really?


GUERITA said...


ann said...


And, by the way, TAG YOU'RE IT! :) I tagged you for a meme. WEEEEEEE!

marina said...

I got tag too by ann, thanks for the post and as far as the age department thank you although for all I have been through in my 47 years of life I have gone through I feel like a 100 years old!!LOL

PJ said...

I'll get to the meme on Saturday -- when I have time for more than bodily functions!!!!

samurai said...

All I have to say is... that looked great!

marina said...

PJ, I loved your pictures the food the most!! I use to live in Roswell,NM so I know that good new mexico food!!! love it!,marina

ann said...

I love eating with friends! Food is such a social thing for me. Whenever I go shopping with a friend, the part I look forward to most is going out for lunch!

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