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Monday, April 28, 2008

Did I just post as Tuesday??? Yep! And it's only Monday.

Sometime this weekend (I think, since I obviously don't know what day today is), I joined another of the communication websites. So now I have a presence on Faceb**k, MySpa** and here, at Blogspot! Quite the internet diva. That's me.

But then another page popped up to go investigate who has searched for my name on the internet. Fascinating! I always was inquisitive. Okay, nosey! So I did the "free" signup to investigate whoever was investigating me, and then it asked some other question about my email address book and I think I just sent an invitation to join THAT spot to everyone in my address book. Sorry about that. If you have a presence in my address book, my apologies.

The idea of being able to trace who was looking for this case a 37 year old female from intriguing. So who is she? What does she want? But to find out, I have to give my credit card number and pay $5 a month for the service. I mean how many people will be looking for me in a year? Is it worth $60.00? I didn't think so at this point in time.

But really, how many people are trying to find me? Maybe it's a long lost great-uncle with lots of money to leave me. Right! I suppose I shall have to be satisfied with guessing. Because right now, my inquisitive nature is not strong enough to fork out $60.

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