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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A couple of people tagged me for a meme...I can't find the tag now...Duh!

BUT..."Write a 6 word memoir...6 words that describe you" was the essence.
I promised to do it on Saturday... I know this is Sunday...but here goes.
(And it's not 6 words...I never went to Kindergarten, so I can't count.)

Energetic, Dependable
Cooperating, Thinking Positively & Creatively
Determined like a bull dog

(And yes, I broke the Cinquain rules, too, with that third line....SO???)
That's my 6-word memoir!
And YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! If you want to play.

1 comment:

His Girl said...

these memoirs are so fun to read! love yours!

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