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Saturday, September 06, 2008

BLOG #497

What's going on in my life:

1. New job. I like it. Teaching Spanish is a challenge, but it's working. The mentoring, coaching, tutoring, guiding part I love.

2. Blogging -- now very difficult. Over the summer the district installed a new filter. It blocks blogspot. I can't read my blog or post. Previously at least I could read blogs even though I couldn't comment. BUT, I could post. On my lunch or personal prep, I could post something. Now...Nada...Zilch...Zip...Zero.

3. I tried my iGoogle account at school this week. It works. AND, amazing, so does google reader. (They're probably monitoring my blog, so next week the reader will be blocked). I only discovered this by accident. My former team asked me to check on ways to set up a joint calendar. I discovered that through the iGoogle account, the reader works. So...I can read..but I can't comment!!! Except that I have very little time to do so. The job is all consuming. There are far too many "At risk" kids who need help of one kind or another.

4. I'm enrolling in a program to earn 18 credit hours this June 2009. That will give me my ESL/Bilingual certificate. Right now I only have the provisional. Yikes. Where will I find time for classes two days a week????

5. I had the girls for awhile today. They go with the other grandma this Sunday (I usually have them for a few hours on Sunday). The little one wanted to ride the carnival rides that were here in town for a civic celebration. So I went on the Ferris Wheel...again. That's three Ferris Wheel rides in less than a month. But this one felt more stable that the other one. Or else, I'm getting accustomed to Ferris Wheel rides. The view was spectacular and I felt relaxed enough to take the pictures.


Ballerina Girl said...

I like ferris wheels! The taller the better :)
I am happy to hear that you are enjoying your job...that is so important. Don't worry about us blogger friends...we will be here and look for you and wait for your comments!
It is funny, you are coming up on post 500, and I am coming up on 100! I don't know what I can do that is special....any ideas?

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Shoot. I think I lost my comment. I wanted to say that someday your girls will cherish these pics so much because of the loving-life grandma they had.

Michelle said...

Oh, I hope my district never blocks blogspot! I usually don't post at school, but I sure do spend my lunch time reading!

truth said...

Isn't it funny how quickly life changes? Sometimes those "little" things throw me for a loop. Like right now my computer has yet another virus. (It happened while I was in Arizona. Hmm...wonder which one of my kiddos...oh well.)

Ballerina Girl said...

hhhmmm..can I even write 100 things in ONE post???
what a challenge, but I'll come up with something!

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