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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Winnabago Tales

As I said, we didn't have the luxury of making our own schedule with time to find convenient RV Parks and such. Large cities presented the most challenge. So that night in Washington D.C., we had found that the guidebook said the closest Park was something called Yogi Bear RV Park. In the book it was only about 100 miles away. But after inquiring at a couple of gas stations, it was a 4 hour drive from the city. That was the closest.

We had learned from other places that sometimes, the local Police Station would let you park in their parking lot. No luck there. A couple of inquiries and we understood clearly we might be arrested for vagrancy if we tried it.

My best representation as the desperate young mother was met with rejection.
So we resorted to our fanciest trick for hiding a 24-foot vehicle in a metropolis long enough for us to get some sleep. We found a parking lot with several semis. This one was a grocery warehouse. There was space between two of the semi-trailers, so we backed in carefully, cut all the lights, pulled down the beds and prepared for the night.

Preparations also included some intense and sincere prayer that we not be interrupted by police cars either running us out, or arresting us. God was good. That night we slept in the nation's capitol from 1 AM until 8 AM well protected from view by semi-trailers.

I'm sure there were some angels perched atop those trailers as well.

Another day traveling this land.


truth said...

Oh my, isn't it funny how we manage in our naivete? Yes, I'm sure there were angels perched atop that Winnebago.

Ballerina Girl said...

what a fun trip this is for me...
I like hearing about all these adventures!
They remind me of mine!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

We camped at a Yogi Bear Campground once. Rained all night.

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