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Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Strange World

I realized this morning what a strange world I live in. Or maybe I realize how strangely I live in this world? Whatever!!

I was driving to work. On the right hand side of the street a 40-ish man was jogging. He had an athletic build, not bad for his age. (Yikes! Did I say that?) Anyway...very suburban looking in his nylon running jacket and gym shorts.

On the other side of the sidewalk was a 50-ish woman walking. She was shuffling along slowly, shoulders sloped under the man-ish grey sweater. Her dirndle skirt was a bit too big and long, but not stylish. She looked tired, her hair pulled back severely in a sort of pony tail. The flip flops on her feet flapped the sidewalk occasionally when she actually lifted her foot. But she was out for her morning constitutional and looked around from time to time, breathing deeply.

I started chuckling. Old world on my left; new world on my right.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to grab my camera. Maybe tomorrow.

Did you notice??? This is post #499!!! so 500 will be this weekend. To enter the drawing at the 500th post, click here I think I'm going to have to post over the weekend and set the time and date to post. Would you believe I just now noticed "Post Options". And...when i clicked it, I saw I could set the date and time, just like y'all been saying. Nobody ever said I was swift on the uptake!!!


Ballerina Girl said...

Hi PJ!!
It does seem strange how much the old and new in our worlds collide!
Looking forward to the 500th...

Marina said...

PJ your funny ") I guess I will run when I get discover hahah lol!!
have a good night,marina

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm not sure if you meant for readers to enter more than once, but just in case it's OK, I am! I am excited for your 500th post!

truth said...

You are so funny. I just realized I never put my comment in for your 500th post. Must have been when I had that bug on my computer and was having trouble commenting/posting.

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