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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Embarrassing moments
This series of entries can be categorized: Dark Moments in the life of PJ!

Strange how minds work (assuming mine actually IS...working, that is). These things come to me in undefended moments. Maybe I'm a tad too busy right now and have lost the ability to control my mind. (Is that a definition of insanity?) It just catches me unawares.

Like: Do you remember the time you fought with a parking meter?? With an RV as your weapon? A proud moment, indeed!

I've always been really good at parallel parking. Still am. (pat pat on the back) So the fall we got an RV (it was our HOUSE, not just our vehicle) to tour the US on behalf of a missions project (with a 1 year old and a 2 year old!), I had no problem parking it in two spots (It was a 24-foot Winnebago Indian!) I parked right on the main street downtown in front of the barber shop. I made my purchase and headed back to the car/house.

As I climbed aboard with my two little ones, I noticed that a car had parked right behind me. AND there had always been one in front. It was a tad tight, but I figured, "No Problem."

So, I back up slowly cutting the wheel sharply to the left. I clear the car in front with maybe four inches to spare. "Very good, PJ." I think to myself. And slowly attempt to accelerate. The thing won't budge. Really! I'm pressing the gas, the motor is revving and nothing is happening. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. No forward movement.

So, like a good little driver, I climb down the stairs and out the door on the sidewalk side...It's the only way out of the thing, people. One door out of the cracker box into the world.

And, outside, there is a parking meter firmly planted between the motor home and the rear bumper. The very strong, very large, steel bumper. I wonder how the parking meter jumped there. Wish they wouldn't feed them so much, but....

I get back in, turn the wheel the other way, and try to extricate the vehicle. Did I mention I was parked in front of a barbershop?

By now the gender-biased customers all have their noses pressed against the glass of the front window with Cheshire-cat grins plastered from ear to ear. I wouldn't really look at them, but there was some animation too. Thigh slapping, shoulder punching and such I would imagine. I refused to give them the satisfaction of noticing.

Finally, I had had enough. I just gunned 'er. Slowing, with loud creaks, she moved forward like a snail until the final leap forward let me know she was free.

I didn't stop to check the damage on the parking meter nor on the RV. My husband greeted me at the apartment that we were vacating with, "Why is the rear bumper sticking out at a 90-degree angle."

"Is it, really? Maybe it got attacked by a parking meter." I reply.

Note to the wise, if you're ever driving an extra-long vehicle, beware those parking meters. They attack when you're least expecting it.

Any embarrassing moments out there? Or do I walk this lonesome valley alone?


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Embarrassing moment aside, I have always loved those homes on wheels. You should post a few times on your adventures traveling around in that thing. I love how you have a whole compact little world in one place. I should've been an apartment dweller, I think.

Marina said...

I agree with Linda you should post on some of your adventures in traveling I did always think it would be fun to have an RV ")marina

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