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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Good News:
Little V is doing very well
Let's call him Little Victor. This is Victor's son who was almost 5 at the time of the liver transplant. Although Victor was only 7 years younger than me, he started the parenting thing much later! My gift was really for Little V. I had hoped so desperately to rejuvenate his Daddy.
Here's Little V with M, my granddaughter. They play on the same soccer team. My granddaughters, M & M, are 6 & 8. Little V is 7.

(Although I do get a wrench in my gut watching my son, Brad, coach Little V. When Brad was Little V's age, Victor was teaching Brad soccer moves. We were in Ecuador and Victor was a student there who lived with us. Little V looks sooo much like this Daddy - - and then the irony of the switch in roles. I cried through part of a very happy soccer game!!!)

And this still qualifies as a happy post! :) See, I'm smiling!


truth said...

You are such a beautiful lady! You look amazing in every photo.

What a precious little boy. I went back and was reading about the liver transplant, your ordeal with breast cancer and wow. I had no idea. I cried, and laughed and was ministered too. Thank-you for sharing so much of yourself and God's grace with the rest of us.

Don't ever quit blogging!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

So touching. I have no doubt that your and Victor's lives were entertwined from the beginning.

thouartloosed said...

He's a handsome boy.

His Girl said...

what an amazing testimony little v will have to have known you and have his father's story kept alive by someone who sacrificed so much for him

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