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Sunday, August 24, 2008

POST # 491

Just as a thank you to the friends that I've made online and to celebrate a milestone, I've decided to celebrate the 500th post with a drawing!!! Now I just have to get my act together and find that little counter thingy, etc. Nah. I probably won't have time, what with school starting and all!! (Although if anyone will email me the instructions for whatever that widget gadget is called that does random drawing....maybe.) I'll do it the old fashioned way and put all the names in a box (cup? teaspoon?) and have my granddaughters draw the winner. Here's the prize:

An album in a minute!!!
An album with photo sleeves for 24 photos or journal boxes, a package of stickers, and a package of 64 photo mats.

Or you can see the professional ad for the item here!

Here's another view of the package which includes: a 6 x 7 album with photosleeves. A package of 64 photo mats. (Plenty left over after your album) and a package of laser Stickers. Similar photo mats are here! (This color is discontinued.)

All you need are up to 24 photos, some adhesive and you have a handy album for that little one's birthday party, ballet recital or day at the park. (Photo of my granddaughter not included. Used to illustrate a page!!!)

Another photo of the prize with the easel quality of the album demonstrated.

Here's how it will work. If you'd like to win the album, make a comment on this entry between now and whenever I post the 500th blog. Probably a couple of weeks. I'd like to hear how/why you started blogging. But if you're in a rippin' hurry, it's okay to just say "pick me!" Remember your link must be active so that I can contact you. Or click email on my profile and send me your email address.

On the day of my 500th blog, my granddaughters will help me with a random drawing, and we'll pick a name! Good luck!

Note: I used to be a consultant for this product line and have lots of product to play with. I no longer may sell, but I may certainly give it away to my friends.

P.S. School is starting tomorrow and my office looks something like this. Not good, but better!!


Sing4joy said...

What a fun giveaway! And WOW! 500 posts! GEEZ! I started blogging as way to release the inner workings of my brain so that I didn't implode. Or something like that. It's been a real blessing to me!

His Girl said...

okay, this is a great, great giveaway! pick me! pick me!

I am so impressed by your 500 posts... I'm so behind today from my trip, but i am going to have to get to some of your archives, cause i love what you have to say.

I started blogging on myspace. I wanted to just see what would happen, if I had enough to say, if anyone would read... and if I would like it.

Like it? love it! I never bargained for the friendships and support--- and the treat of "meeting" you :)

pick me!

Maggie - Mom of Six said...


Okay, I starting blogging because I like keeping up with what I do with my life, my kids, my youth group and sometimes I just feel like getting it all down but just don't feel like holding a pen or pencil.

I like the people I have "met" and hope to meet others.

I got my post up for our last day of summer. check it out if you get a chance!

Michelle said...

Someone pointed me toward Pioneer Woman, and I was hooked. I thought, I can do this, it's kinds of like online scrapbooking and journaling rolled in to one. I love both. I start lots of things that peter out after awhile, but I'm going on almost nine months now, and I still love it and all the new friends I've made!
Oh yeah, and "Pick Me!"

Ballerina Girl said...

The roller coaster has stopped for a give away moment...
the blogger is taking a break from her usual ride to say.......
ballerina girl started blogging because of her friend in a land far, far away.
she thought it would help her friends from her other locations stay in touch with what was happening in her daily life...
but what she found was that a new set of friends, like you PJ, emerged....
now, it's just too much fun to quit!
ma'am, step back on the platform...the roller coaster is about to leave the station...
buckle up and keep your hands inside the cart....

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Peej, count me in on the drawing, please. And the reason I started blogging? Why, to meet you, of course!--Thanks for you comment about my blog putting you to sleep! You made me laugh so hard.

xoBeau said...

Congratulations on your 500th post! I started blogging after reading other peoples blogs. I wanted to share with others.

splummer said...

Hi!! OOOOOH, pick me, pick me.....I kind of stumbled into blogging. I kept hearing everyone talking about blogging, but didn't know what the heck they were talking about. So done a google search. And the rest is history!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Um, I don't think I should enter twice after all. although I love your blog twice as much as the average blog. (Shameless, and yet, authentic.)

truth said...

My goodness, I was sure I'd commented on this post. But I didn't see one anywhere. What is wrong with me???

I've always kept a journal (ok, maybe not always,) but for years. I thought blogging would be much the same.

I was wrong. I realized very quickly that I wasn't comfortable putting my most intimate thoughts out there. But I kept it up anyway.

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