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Friday, August 08, 2008

Remember my room at the beginning of last year??? This lovely, big, colorful room! See that door in the background? That leads into an office/storeroom that is about the size of...

my new little teensy-weensy office

And all of this stuff to get into it!!! Yikes. Any ideas? No, I can't throw away any MORE of my precious STUFF!! You know I'm a packrat!!

So I unpacked 7 more boxes today and toiled to get them on shelves.

But I really do have to get rid of my lovely bean bags and the reading corner!! Sigh!

But at least now, there is about two inches of floor space for me to stand in while I try to stuff stuff into the corners!!! (Stuff stuff!!! I like that! I'm entertained easily.)

I can picture my new nightmare...I'm locked in a box about 2 x 2 trying to teach kids!!! Nothing like planning a new nightmare. Maybe that will be a paradoxical intervention and I will now have NO nightmares!! I think I worked too long in that tiny suffocatingly hot little office today!!


Ballerina Girl said...

here is my solution...
stuff it all in, one way or another....
throw away something, but you know you will eventually buy something too...
so here's my big solution.
Since there are not any windows, buy a small scent thing-y to make it smell nice...and a small waterfall or sound machine to hear calming white noise!
:) BG

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I am a minimalist at work, so that doesn't help any. I bring stuff home from my desk and work area, then I switch it out seasonally. So I never get rid of the precious stuff, I just put it on hold. Does that help?

Rick said...

Oh boy! You must be a speech therapist like me! hee hee....I'm sure you will make the best of it. Us "auxiliary" personnel always get the best digs, don't we!?

PJ said...

Thanks for the ideas!!! I shall use them all!!

Rick: In OUR building Speech Therapists are only there two days a week...they SHARE a 4x6 former closet with the psychologist!!! NO kidding. The only reason I have this much space is that I'm there every day!!! You're SO right about the space!!!! (At least we haven't resorted to trailers yet the way some schools in our district have!)

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