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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a summer it has been!

And, it's over. Every day, there's something at school or school related. Basically, I'm back to work.

And somewhere along the way, my brain went totally blank. You know that one class I'm teaching in the fall? Well it's not an English literature class for the Dual Language program. It's the Spanish language class for the Dual Language program. I will be teaching 7th graders Spanish in the fall. Spanish literature, writing and grammar. First time . . . ever. . .for me.

Okay. So I aced the test. Okay, I know I can speak...etc. But this terrifies me. I think it's another one of God's little smiles. I'm sure that in this is one of those skills I need, a time I need to stretch a bit. Do something that is hard for me. I won't back out now that they're counting on me. But I probably would not have volunteered either.

One hour a day to do something totally new and at the edge of my skill set. Okay, God. You and me together.


truth said...

You will do great. It is good to be stretched just a little (or a lot, depending on the day, lol.)

School started this week here. Summer was way too short.

His Girl said...

So proud of you for doing something you are afraid of. I wonder how many amazing things we miss out on because of fear?

Go Girl! I can't wait to see what God has in store for this year! How exciting!

Marina said...

PJ, I din't know you could speak spanish and write it WOW!!!!
I can speak it but reading it more or less .I was taught to speak it first never to read it since I am form the US by the time I got too high school spainsh 101 was too boring for me. Now I wish I would of learn to read it and write it better, I am very proud of you
and, his girl is right how many times have I miss out on things out of my own fears, marina

PJ said...

Thanks for your encouraging comments. I'm envisioning my first day with students -- worse my first evening meeting with parents. All of the kids (except one) are from Hispanic families...who want their children to learn proper Spanish. That will be the most critical audience I've ever faced! But God and I can do this!

Michelle said...

They will love you, parents and all. Best of luck to you!

PJ said...

You are all so kind. Thanks for the encouragement.

Marina: Check out my blog in Spanish -- Anicos Y Piezas Anicos Y Piezas.

(I tried to do a hotlink...I'll see if it works.)

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