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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dinner Alone

Here I sit out on the deck, just me and my computer -- oh -- and my dinner!

Doesn't that look yummy? It called "Shrimp Cocktail" from a local Mexican restaurant. But it's more like cebiche, except that the shrimp are actually boiled for this one. The portion in my bowl has 6 of those big shrimp, but that's only half of the portion they give. Enough for two meals, or two people. Tonight, it will have to be two meals. But that's not all. I also ordered Guacamole and chips. Which look like this....
Also enough for two!! Are you hungry? Come on over, I'll share. I'd be happy for the company.

It's not the norm for me to be home alone in the evening. I am alone during the day sometimes in the summertime, but my summers are usually filled with events and people...Although one reason I eat and read the paper at the restaurant is just because I'm a people person. I function better surrounded by action -- even if I'm not really a part of it, as in a restaurant. If one of us is out gallivanting in the evening, it's usually me. He tends to be a homebody. Even travel. I sometimes travel alone in the summertime. He almost never does except by extreme necessity -- death or illness in the family. Once in a great while, a preaching commitment.
When I find myself alone in the evening, I usually turn on the tv or radio for noise...and generally don't even watch it. I just need the voices for company. Some nights the voices in my head are not loud enough!

I know, for those of you still chasing kids, you're thinking that you'd gladly transport two or three over here to provide background noise for me while you get some privacy in the bathroom!! I'm just in another phase of life. I don't EXACTLY wish for those child chasing years again, but on evenings like this....I'm just sayin'

So what's going on that's so important that he's out and about and I'm here on the patio with my computer and my dinner? Oh there are a few squirrels in those trees you see, but don't worry, I'm not going to have any for dinner!! I'm well past the squirrel eating years, and much too far North of the Mason-Dixon Line. (If you missed that post, click HERE.)

I digress. Hubby? For father's day the boys gave him a certificate for a "Guys' night out." He and they are having dinner and a soccer game. The Chicago Fire is playing tonight and they are there. Besides me, his kids and grandkids, and the church, his next love his soccer. He's an avid fan. At a game, he transforms from this quiet soft spoken gentleman into...well, never mind. Let's just say he yells a lot. Never anything crude, but he yells, as in, "Ref, can't you see that! That was a foul. Are you blind?" Yada. Yada. Yada.

If right after the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, there is a soccer match between messenger angels and guardian angels, he'll be the happiest man in Heaven!!
Me? I just hope they have shrimp at the Marriage Supper!!

P.S. See what trouble I get into on my own? I decided to change my blog....I think this one is too busy for what I usually do -- lots of pics, etc. But I'll leave it for a couple of days, just to SEE if I like it. COMMENTS????


Marina said...

came by to say hi, and wishing you a nice day.")marina

Ballerina Girl said...

Well, I'd gladly come and have some of that dinner with you! I love guac and chips and the shrimp looks yummy....
my husband, from Peru, makes an awesome ceviche but you have to the right ingredients to make it work...and here in my city Brazil, don't have 'em! ;(
I have to say, I am similar with my American football team...nice sweet lil' ol' me, turns into ranting and raving lunatic! LOL!!
Have a good week!

Michelle said...

Love it, love it....and I just discovered recently that I like guacamole. This weekend I took my son to the skatepark. My hubby said "You shouldn't always take him." I was having a hormonal moment and said "Someday he'll be gone and I'll wish I had someone to take somewhere!" LOL!

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