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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still very tadpole, but getting to the froggy stage!!

Yes! That computer is on and working!!

Some of the books are on the shelves. Most things are out of boxes.


My myofascial disorder is really disordering tonight.

Trigger point? "
Repetative motions; Muscle strain due to over activity."

Oh? Like pulling stacks and stacks of books out of boxes and putting them on shelves?? That's why when I stand up, I walk like I'm 153 when I'm really only 102 years old?

But the room looks so much better, wouldn't you say?

One more day -- tomorrow morning. And then I have to get to the lesson planning stuff. 'Specially since I have to teach a totally new subject in only...2 weeks!!! School Starts in 2 weeks. Yikes.

Fourteen days. And between then and now I have 6 days completely filled. Two are Sundays on which I have NO time to write lesson plans. That leaves six days, two of which are Saturdays. That's grocery, laundry, etc. day. That leaves Four days for lesson planning. FOUR DAYS!!! My muscles are really spasming now!! Gotta go take some muscle relaxers. Bye y'all.


Ballerina Girl said...

wish that I could help!
It is shaping up!
Stay calm, it's just the first day of school jitters...we all still get them! even Moms!

Ballerina Girl said...

love the results! just being able to see the clock when i wake in the middle of the night...
or not having to worry if i am way too tired to that i just don't want to have to take my contacts out to doze off on the couch..
or spending the money on the solution or the tablets...
do i need to go on?
even if they get a little bad in years ahead, i would do it all over again.
there is no pain involved either...another plus!

Marina said...

Thank you if you do the tagged let me know,besitos. marina

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