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Friday, August 01, 2008

Today's To Do List

Reserve Hotel Room for friends arriving tomorrow
Return Movie Rental
Pick up Dry Cleaning
Visit Nail Salon for fill and pedicure
Dr. K.S. (THAT yearly exam - Yuck!)

Fill Propane Tank for Grill

Find Fabric/Curtain for Living Room**

Buy 8 Candles for Fireplace (4")

Finish Cleaning my office

Memorize Spanish Lyrics for song I know in English*

Learn new song in Spanish*

Practice both at Rehearsal at 7 PM

*I made it through rehearsal without fully "knowing" the lyrics (I can read!!) But still have to memorize before tomorrow.

** This one is totally Lidna's fault over at 2nd Cup of Coffee. She started talking about decorating and I was inspired to finish the window treatment I have left undone for .... uh... a long time!

***It is a totally surrealistic experience to discuss menopausal anatomical anomalies with a Dr. who is younger than my son!!! More than that I will not say...people I work with read this kids read this blog (once in a while). I do have SOME dignity. HOWEVER.... I'm just sayin'

Saturday's list

Finish Yesterday's list
Make menu for Sunday Dinner for 14 people
Purchase food for Sunday's Dinner
Marinate Chicken to be grilled



Scribbit said...

You're so productive--I'm still wading through my week's work and not finished. At least I've made a little progress.

PJ said...

Ahhh...but I was struggling with the strike through feature that THIS BLOG WILL NOT DO!!! And you got a very early version of my list!!! Sorry about that. Some day I will really LEARN HTML.

His Girl said...

coooool list! i love lists! they are so fun to just DRAW THE LINE THRU!!!

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