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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The anatomy of a perfect day

What's better for the last Friday before school starts on Monday than a visit to Kiddie Land? And...we'll take along a little friend. Yep. Me, a 4-year old, a 6-year old and an 8-year old. All day. At the amusement park! Fun!

Right at the entrance was a beautiful old-fashioned carousel. Little m & a were ecstatic. Yeah!! Horse rides. I still had not taken the camera out of my fanny pack when M announces she's hungry. We head for the food stand and order pizza. While the pizza is coming, it begins to rain. Only a sprinkle at first then a downpour. By the time we get our teeth on pizza, there's a full fledged Midwest Thunder Storm in progress.

There's not much shelter available...this is an OUTDOOR park. But we find a place under the eaves of the video arcade to start on pizza. Here we are:
looking like drowned rats!!
By the time I bought these at the customer service window (They were out. I had to wait for them to re-stock) the pizza was soggy and inedible. So it's back to the car and off to McD's for food in a dry place. We dry off somewhat under the electric hand dryer in the bathroom there. See, there is some use for those things!
We re-enter the park, ride some more and have....yep!! Cotton Candy!

The Three Musketeers
Aaaw. They're sleeping.....NOT!
Watching someone else get drenched just like we did two minutes before.
Oh yes!! Getting drenched by a rain storm doesn't stop US from a log ride in which the point is to get drenched. We're brave like that!
Little A loved the horse. They were her favorite ride...all six times!!!

Most of the time, little m joined her.
And when she tired of big kid rides like Tilta-Whirl and The Scramble, M joined them.
Thrills for little m & a. M took the pictures!
End of day. Grandma gets her favorite -- the elephant ear!!! Well as long as there isn't Funnel Cake...or dark chocolate....or....Tiramisu... And SURE this is to share. Lets all stick a finger in the powdered sugar.
Please, please, please!!! Just one more ride before we go?????
Sure!! Why not? Now let's go trash Grandma's car with Subs on the way home ('cause now we're hopelessly late with several "one more" rides). Then we can mix in the crayons and some stickerbooks with the toys from McD and Sub. Let's take them all apart and throw them in the floor along with the clothes we have changed on the way. And .... one more snack too! Snack bars, and juice boxes that Mommy packed for the trip.

Ah! Yes! A perfect day. One we won't forget soon!!!

And Papa, the wonderful Grandpa that he is, de-trashed the car this morning while I still slept. And the handyman washed and vacuumed it -- all ready for school on Monday.

The perfect end to summer.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I want to be a grandma just like this. But I won't be able to ride anything. My fam went to Cedar Point this weekend, and I didn't. I stayed at the hotel and hung out at the pool. But my kids are 21, 19 and 15, and their dad was with them, so I would've been a 5th wheel anyway. How did I end up telling my whole weekend on your blog?? Sorry! I am SO excited about your wt loss. I'm emailing Dr. JOhnson about it.

Linda said...

What a treat to have your grands close. Mine are 300 miles away. The good news, my son who lives a few miles from me will be a new daddy in March. I can't wait to experience being a Mawmaw on a daily basis.

Michelle said...

How fun! Have a great first day tomorrow!

PJ said...

I rode the ferris wheel -- it was a smallish one...but scared the bologna out of me!!! The four-year old and six-year old wanted to go again...They were too short to go alone -- so I took my heart in my hands and went the second time. Then I rode the roller coaster. Top height couldn't have been more than 25 feet...but it was more than enough for me. Again...they wanted to go again!!!

And it feels good to be back in Department store sizes...again!! Rather than the short, fat store!! :) But I really have to get rid of 30-40 more lbs.

Maggie - Mom of Six said...

I will be posting about our last day of summer on monday! Sounds like yours was GREAT!

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