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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just Look Up!
Or, We Have Another Rocket Scientist On Our Hands
We're still experiencing ripples from the "Great Unplugging of 2008". Last week it was the home ec class. Students were seated at sewing machines at long last, after learning all the parts, etc. Ready to sew, the teacher begins the demo. Oops. None of the 25 machines are plugged in. And since it is asking for an accident of some sort, she couldn't ask students to get on hands and knees under the machines to find the plug-ins, nor could she crawl around for several minutes trying to find all the plugs, etc., it was creative time!
And in my study hall, the tv which projects the Power Point with daily assignments still wasn't working due to being unplugged. Last week I called the janitor (it was a substitute) to find the wall socket. He moved the file cabinet beneath the tv, but couldn't find the plug.
Then yesterday, I emailed the regular janitor (who is back from sick leave) explained the dilemma.
Actually, I said "Since our rocket scientist unplugged everything over Christmas break, we have had no monitor in room 304. I use it daily to post homework for study hall. The problem is that some sort of power strip was removed so that the electrical cords that run to the monitor and vcr will not reach any existing outlet. I did request last week's janitor to connect it since I thought it required moving a filing cabinet to reach an outlet. Alas! There was no outlet within reach and apparently he had no available power strip. A solution to my dilemma would be greatly appreciated."
The janitor just stopped me in the hall and advised me he had solved the problem. THE OUTLET WAS HIGH ON THE WALL BEHIND THE TV. Clearly visible if one only looked UP!!
Guilty!! I've now joined the ranks of the Rocket Scientists!
How often have I searched for a solution, looking everywhere, I thought, but failed to look UP? My strength just won't do it. I need HIS!
I will lift my eyes to the hills from which comes my strength. My strength comes from the Lord. Psalm 121:1-2


Michelle said...

Great analogy!! Hang in there, surely everything is plugged back in now!?

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh dear. who can blame you with so much going on. I admire your ability to multi-task so well. Teachers. They're the best.

PJ said...

Thanks, Lidna, you're very kind!! :)
Actually, Michelle, a VCR on the same floor is missing the extension cord (which we're not supposed to use...might have been confiscated) to reach the outlet. And across the hall from me, a teacher could not get her computer to work. The IT guy came...and someone had taken a cartridge from the back of the computer where some connection goes -- I didn't see it. Our IT person came and diagnosed "a missing part". We assume it is in the possession of a scruples-less Rocket Scientist ... not me!!!

ann said...

Heehee! But that was a great analogy.

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